Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Alpy`s Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machines can temper starting from 250 kg/hr to up 1500kg/hr capacities.

There are 4 Models of Alpy Tempering:

  • ATM-250 Model with 250 kg/hr
  • ATM-500 Model with 500 kg/hr
  • ATM-1000 Model with 1000 kg/hr
  • ATM-1500 Model with 1500 kg/hr  

 It is used to obtain the most stable crystalline form of cocoa butter before the chocolate is converted directly from liquid to solid. Chocolate from the previous stock tank enters the tempering machine and is tempered while passing through three tempering zones.

ALPY Tempering machine steps:
  • Complete dissolution of chocolate
  • Cool down to the crystallization point
  • Crystallization
  • Dissolve non-stationary crystals

All zones` water temperature and product temperature are adjusted on the PLC panel and kept at the adjusted temperature automatically with ± 0.1 degree sensitivity. All zones take hot water from their independent hot water tanks. Cold water enters the machine by passing through the heat exchanger. Proportional valves with PID control are provided to reach the desired degree of product sensitiveness.

The width of the cooling surfaces, special mixing system, and scraper blades ensure maximum tempering efficiency by cooling as usual without any shock cooling. The tempered product is sent to the next unit to be used. If the next unit does not want the product, the tempered product is automatically sent back to the storage tank by passing through the de-crystallisation unit. 

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