Powdered Sugar Mill

Powdered Sugar Mill

For chocolate production there are several mandatory machines and Powdered Sugar Mill is one of them. Alpy powdered sugar mills grind sugar into a fine powder for use in wafer and chocolate manufacturing. The compact design of the Alpy Sugar Milll, micronize the dry, free-flowing sugar or similar products. 

Powdered Sugar Mill Information

The APD-500 model 

  • 1 milling head
  • 500 kg/hr capacity for 30–60 micron output
  • 1000 kg/hr capacity for 60–100 micron output
The APD-1000 model
  • 2milling heads
  • 1000 kg/hr capacity for 30–60 micron output
  • 2000 kg/hr capacity for 60–100 micron output

Each mill body has a total of 569 tempered 4 rows of pins on fixed and rotating discs.
The rotating disc is driven by a belt-pulley system with a 22 kw/hr motor and rotates at 5600 rev/min. With the existing filters, air circulation in the mill body is ensured, powder dust is minimized to the outside, and internal pressure is released. 
Powder sugar mill is the first machine of chocolate production line. Below, you can see other steps in line. 
If you are looking for commercial sugar mills let`s connect from info@alpygroup.com .
Please note that we offer 12 months guarantee period for the defaults sourced by Alpy Machinery.  
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