Fat Melting Tank

Fat Melting Tank

Alpy Fat Melting Tanks are produced from 500 lt up to 2000 lt vessel capacities. The melting tank is completely made of stainless steel and has a rectangular design to increase the fat block feeding efficiency. Solid fats put over the melting serpentines are melted by hot water circulation through the serpentines. This melted fat is stocked in the jacketed vessel at an adjusted temperature.

Melting serpentines are designed as triangular, and the fat blocks are heated from two surfeces. This way, the melting process takes place in a shorter time. The loadcell unit fixed to the feet of the machine stops the pump automatically after adjusting the amount of melted fat transferred to the next unit by the jacketed pump.

Fat melting tank is the second step of chocolate production. Below, you can see other steps in line. 


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