Alpy Machinery, led by two engineering graduate brothers, boasts three decades of excellence in the chocolate machinery industry. With a 4500 m2 production facility in Istanbul, the company exports its cutting-edge Chocolate Machines to over 35 countries, including Germany, Spain, Colombia, and Nigeria. Specializing in fully automatic systems, Alpy Machinery covers everything from chocolate production to packaging. The company is dedicated to staying ahead in technology, continuously developing its machines, and collaborating on R&D projects supported by the Republic of Turkey. Alpy Machinery is on a mission to be a globally recognized leader in the chocolate machinery sector, driven by a commitment to quality and innovation.

Company Facilities

Alpy Machinery operates from a 4500 m2 production facility in Esenyurt town, Istanbul. This expansive space serves as a hub for the manufacturing, innovation, and quality control of cutting-edge chocolate machines. Strategically located, the facility positions Alpy Machinery to efficiently serve both local and international markets, reflecting the company`s commitment to excellence in the chocolate machinery industry.

Our Chocolate Machines and Chocolate Lines

Alpy Machinery specializes in crafting top-tier Chocolate Production LinesChocolate Processing Lines, and Chocolate Enrobing Lines. These bean to bar chocolate equipment lines represent the core of our expertise in the chocolate machinery industry.

The Chocolate Production Line refines cocoa into the starting material, the Chocolate Processing Line handles intricate processes, and the Chocolate Enrobing Lines add the finishing touch to each delightful creation. At Alpy Machinery, our commitment is to simplify and elevate the art of chocolate-making through innovative and efficient machinery.

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