Conti Ball Mill

Conti Ball Mill
ALPY Conti Ball Mills are used for chocolate, compaund and cream micronization process.

ACB-500 Model with 1300 kg balls has 400-500 kg/hr capacity with powder sugar.

ACB-1000 model with 1800 kg balls has 800-1000 kg/hr capacity with powder sugar. The capacity can increase up to 1600-2000 kg/hr by inline systems.

Product is fed to the Conti Ball Mill by previous machine’s ( Preperation Mixer or Service Tank ) speed controlled pump. The product, entering from the bottom of Conti Ball Mill vessel, is micronized between the balls and pour down to the pre-stock tank from the top outlet. Last product in pre-stock tank is sent to the big stock tanks by jacketed pump.

Stainless steel vessel and mixer are jacketed and temperature is kept at adjusted value automatically. When the machine is working, cold water inlet / outlet automatically occurs according to the product temperature.
The final product thickness is reduced to about 2/7 ratio depending on the product input thickness (80-90 micron → 22-25 micron).